Men can stand up for who they love

Men can stand up for who they love

Dear Editor, In response to Mary Kenny’s article ‘Students of sociology – here’s a suggestion’ (17/10/19), may I introduce you to something way more empowering for women: not going back down the road of enslaving women to contraception. Instead let’s educate women with the knowledge about how their cycle works.

Let’s also ask the men to man up and stand beside the woman they love, to step up to the challenge of giving women and their reproductive system the respect they deserve. There’s so much more known in the 21st Century about how to navigate a cycle (helped along with modern science and technology including apps and monitors).

Without this knowledge, women are making decisions which may have less than ideal lifelong consequences.

Modern women want more, and they are seeking out natural methods of living, because they are genuinely concerned about the adverse effects that chemicals are having on their bodies and on the environment.

In my experience, many women have identified gynaecological and fertility issues when they begin NFP charting methods.

This information is hugely beneficial to them, leading them to seek medical intervention and putting them at a great advantage.

Here’s to a future of women empowered by knowledge, supported by strong honourable men, taking control of their own fertility and living a life free of contraception. This is new, modern and smart, not old hat destructive and enslaving.

Lastly, don’t believe that widespread contraception will reduce abortion. The abortion industry supports the promotion of contraception for a reason. Abby Johnson of the movie Unplanned has said this many times. Look her up on YouTube to see her keynote speech at the Natural Womanhood’s Benefit dinner in November 2018.

Yours etc.,

Bridie McCarthy,


Co. Dublin.

The pagan nature of some Amazon Synod idols

Dear Editor, I am surely not alone in being horrified by the idolatrous displays associated with the current Amazon Synod.

Regrettably, Pope Francis has been in attendance at a number of ceremonies where pagan idols were prominently in evidence and even reverenced. The defence that these images are not representations of pagan idols has been given the lie by the circle of people publicly prostrating themselves before them during the opening ceremony in the Vatican Gardens.

Moreover, representatives of the Amazonian peoples themselves have also confirmed the pagan nature of the images. The defence that they are indigenous representations of the Virgin Mary and St Elizabeth has been denied by Vatican spokespersons when questioned in the matter.

At least as disturbing as these displays is the silence of all of our Irish bishops in the face of this scandal. Have they not an obligation under the First Commandment to speak out courageously on behalf of the prerogatives of Our Lord, and to ensure that their flock are not scandalised or misled?

Yours etc.,

Paul Byrne,

Mount Merrion,

Dublin 4.

Support for Bishop Phonsie

Dear Editor, Waterford and Lismore’s Bishop Cullinan is correct to write to primary schools in his diocese to stop new age practices of yoga and mindfulness as these seek to replace God.

The First Commandment is: “I am the Lord thou God; thou shalt not have strange gods before me.”

Many get caught up in harmful new age practices as some are marketed using Christian words that unsuspecting and otherwise poorly catechised Christians can’t tell the difference.

Also, Church property should not be facilitating these occult practices.

Yours etc.,

Ann Campbell,


Co. Monaghan.

Don’t revisit Humanae Vitae – just teach it!

Dear Editor, Please allow me to comment on Mary Kenny’s article on contraception (IC 17/10/19). With contraception we are telling God that we do not want him in this part of our lives.

With the exception of condoms, which is the same as Onanism, all contraceptives act as abortifacients to one degree or another in as much as they kill the embryo, which has been infused with a soul at conception. Christ said, in so much as you did it to the least of my brethren you did it to me.

Little mention is made of the physical harm done to women by the various methods. In jurisdictions where contraception has failed, it is legally acceptable that abortion is a back-up for contraception. It is still done to Christ no matter what stage of development.

In this world with various products, if we do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions we do a lot of harm. We do much more harm to our souls and bodies if we do not follow God’s instructions.

Mary Kenny she says Humanae Vitae should be revisited by the Vatican. It needs to be taught rather than revisited as it has been completely ignored since it was first proclaimed.

Yours etc.,

  1. Uí Ghoibín,


Dublin 12.