Living with a growing disease 

Living with a growing disease 
Living with Motor Neurone Disease: A complete guide edited by Dr Marie Murray, in collaboration with the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (Atrium/Cork University Press, €14.95/£12.95)

Though first recognised back in the 19th Century, Motor Neurone Disease became more familiar a century later through the widely publicised experiences of the disease by such people as David Niven and Stephen Hawking. Where once it was  unfamiliar, today every family will know of, have heard of, or have contact with a sufferer of MND. Charlie Bird of RTÉ will be in the minds of many at the moment.

For that reason this book will be very welcome, for though still seen an a terminal condition, through modern treatment functioning lives can be well extended. In this book Dr Marie Murray and some 19 collaborators provide a patient and family friendly book.

This is a very hope-inspiring, life-enhancing book, filled with very carefully composed advice which will be of immense help to many. Wider understanding by everyone in society of a condition such as MND, or Post-Polio Syndrome, which affected my family, helps to create a universal atmosphere of support. This book should be read not only by healthcare specialists and those affected by the disease, but all aware citizens.

The royalties from this book will go towards funding research through the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association.