Irish MEP voices concern for persecuted Christians

Sean Kelly MEP said future of Christians in many countries is at stake

A leading Irish MEP has voiced grave concerns for the plight of Christians living in war-torn regions of the Middle East, following a series of horrific targeted attacks.

Speaking at European Parliament, Sean Kelly MEP said “the future of Christians in many of these countries is at stake”.


“If things continue the way they are they will be wiped out because not only are Christians being persecuted and murdered but churches are being destroyed.

“I think we will have to get far tougher in ensuring that the authorities in these countries protect Christians. We have a Christian heritage and I think it is only right and fair that we should stand up for Christians,” he said.

Mr Kelly was speaking in the aftermath of a deadly suicide bomb attack on a Catholic church in Peshawar, Pakistan by the Taliban which killed 85 Massgoers.

The Fine Gael MEP has also said the Syrian civil war death toll is “shocking”.

“Syrian Christians have seen beloved churches and Christian symbols destroyed and many Christians have died in attacks directly aimed on their communities,” he said.