In Brief

In Brief

Bells were rung in churches throughout Co. Waterford on St Patrick’s Day as a call to prayer and social solidarity.

The Bishop of Waterford and Lismore Phonsie Cullinan dedicated the prayers to those affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) and asked Our Lady to “intercede for us”.

“The bell ringing is a call to prayer and a reminder of the faith that has sustained the people of our island throughout the centuries,” he said.

“The bell ringing is also an expression of social solidarity, an encouragement to care for one another, and for all of us to be inspired and remain hopeful at a difficult time.”


Onlineresourceforstudents onMagdaleneheritagelaunched

An online resource for schools which aims to help the next generation understand Ireland’s Magdalene history has been developed by researchers at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT).

‘Exploring Waterford’s Magdalene Heritage: An activity & resource pack’, developed by Dr Jennifer O’Mahoney and Dr Kate McCarthy, was released at on March 13.

The 60-page pack, developed in consultation with survivors’ testimonies, addresses many important themes such as human rights and social change via the case study of Waterford’s Magdalene Laundry.0