‘Ideology not safety’ behind push for DIY abortions

‘Ideology not safety’ behind push for DIY abortions

Efforts by pro-choice activists to make at-home abortions permanently available are driven by ideology “not how can we help the mother and baby”, say the Life Institute.

In March, the Department of Health confirmed at-home abortion services would end after the pandemic. Pro-abortion groups, such as the National Women’s Council (NWCI), are pressuring the Government to maintain the service.

Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute said their efforts show no consideration for “safety issues”.

“Doctors for life say that at a very minimum, women should be able to see their doctor before undertaking something as significant as an abortion,” Ms Uí Bhriain said. “Over the phone consultations just are not the same as visiting your doctor.”

She added that abortion campaigners are pushing for an increasing liberalisation of abortion laws.

“Groups like the NWCI seem to want to take away anything that might give women pause with regard to undergoing an abortion,” she said.