Huge demand to see movie about young Irish missionary

Huge demand to see movie about young Irish missionary Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother on a visit to a secondary school holding a photograph of Sr Clare Crockett

Such was the demand to see the film about Irish Missionary Sr Clare Crockett earlier this week that the Brunswick Moviebowl in Derry had to put on three extra showings of the documentary.

More than a thousand people attended All or Nothing – Sister Clare on April 16 and 18. “I’m still getting phonecalls to see when we’re showing it again,” cinema owner Paddy Simpson, told The Irish Catholic.

The movie tells the life story of Servant Sister Clare Crockett from Derry, who died in an earthquake in Equador two years ago.  “I was moved to see how Sister Clare’s story is able to touch so many hearts and to see how she can bring so much hope to the young people,” said Sr Kristen Gardner, Editor of All or Nothing.

Over 400 requests for the movie, from all over the world, have been made at: