Householders asked to invite elderly to watch Pope’s Mass

Householders asked to invite elderly to watch Pope’s Mass

Homeowners are being encouraged to invite elderly people who may have mobility or other issues to their houses to watch the papal Mass in a group setting.

Pope Francis’ Mass in the Phoenix Park on August 26 is set to be an historic event for all involved, but with many elderly people unable to attend, an Irish charity is encouraging friends and family to come together to offer alternative options.

Anne Dempsey of Third Age says the 5km walk from public transport points and the standing – despite the rest stops, food and drinks stations, medical and toilets facilities that are organised – would mean many wouldn’t chance attending.

“Some people who are very staunch Catholics, weekly and even daily Massgoers, are not going because they say they wouldn’t be able for it,” she said.

“I have heard that friends are gathering and meeting in houses. It will probably generate a lot of conversations about the Church.

“This is also an opportunity for people to come together in an interesting and different kind of way.

“I would say to people to invite their (elderly) relatives and neighbours. It could be nice for people to sit around in a group setting and perhaps reminisce about the last papal visit.”