Have a happy honeycomb Christmas

Have a happy honeycomb Christmas
Sweet Treats

Although there are very few ingredients to this recipe it makes the tastiest treat! The key to success here is the preparation beforehand as the formation of the honeycomb happens quite quickly. Be sure to have all utensils to hand and read through the method a few times before you begin.

As the baking soda is the transformative ingredient it is important that it is fresh to achieve that bubbly honeycomb texture. Wrapped in some brown paper and tied up with pretty ribbon, this makes the perfect Christmas gift for loved ones. Or alternatively, it is a delicious dessert crumbled into vanilla ice cream!


100g caster sugar

4 tbsps golden syrup

1½ tsps bicarbonate of soda (AKA baking soda/bread soda)

1 large bar good quality milk chocolate  (optional)


Line a baking tray about 12cm x 6cm with greaseproof paper. Of course, the depth and size of the baking tray is a personal preference as to how thick you would like your honeycomb pieces to be.

Add the sugar and golden syrup to a deep saucepan, as the sugar mixture will greatly expand in size later, and give it a mix together. Place the pan on a low heat and let the sugar melt. Be patient, try not to stir the mixture too much and do not increase the heat!

Once the sugar grains have disappeared turn the heat up to medium and let the mixture bubble for about three minutes (or until it reaches 154°C, if you have a sugar thermometer).

It should be the colour of maple syrup. Now is the time to move fast as the sugar will continue to cook and can burn at this point.

Taking the pan off the heat, whisk in the baking soda until it has all been incorporated. The mixture should expand and take on a golden foamy texture. Quickly pour the mixture into your prepared tray using a spatula to get it all out.

Be careful with this step as the mixture is still extremely hot! It is a good idea to wash the pan soon after with hot water to dissolve any residue.


Leave the honeycomb to set at room temperature for an hour and a half, then using the end of a wooden spoon break it into medium-size shards. The honeycomb can of course be eaten like this and will keep for two or three days in an airtight container.

To make it last longer and make it even tastier, melt some milk chocolate and dip the honeycomb in the chocolate using a fork to cover it completely.

Let excess chocolate drip off and place on a wire rack to set. This will keep for about three or four days at room temperature in a sealed container.