Harris must stop ‘interfering’ with NI abortion laws

Harris must stop ‘interfering’ with NI abortion laws Simon Harris

A prominent pro-life group has condemned Health Minister Simon Harris who said he will provide abortion to women from the North of Ireland when the regime is introduced in the South.

Precious Life said it was a “shocking and outrageous attack” on Northern Ireland’s unborn babies and the democratic process after Simon Harris said last night in Belfast that provision for abortion will be made for women from the North.

Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth said: “Simon Harris’ blatant disregard for the right to life does not stop at the border, as he now wants to extend his government’s abortion plans and kill unborn children from the North. Once again we have a pro-abortion politician attacking Northern Ireland’s democratic process – it’s totally outrageous and demonstrates a shocking level of utter contempt for democracy.”

She added: “Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion kills babies and hurts women. Harris’ comments are an insult to the medical profession of Northern Ireland. All genuine medical treatment is already provided for pregnant women here.

Ms Smyth criticised Minister Harris for having the “audacity” to come to Belfast to demand that laws protecting babies in the North be removed, pointing out that the government in the Republic of Ireland has no jurisdiction in the North.

“Simon Harris has no respect for the fact that laws in Northern Ireland are a matter for public representatives in Northern Ireland. Abortion is illegal in the North. Our laws protect unborn babies and their mothers.

“This is the reality that Simon Harris and other pro-abortion politicians need to acknowledge as a matter of urgency, and stop interfering in our affairs. Women in Northern Ireland deserve better than abortion. We will continue our campaigns and lobbying to ensure that abortion remains not only illegal, but unthinkable.”