God’s champion of the world

God’s champion of the world Katie Taylor featured in RTÉ1’s Life and Soul over the Christmas period

After gaining the title of undisputed lightweight women’s champion over the weekend, it seems Bray-native Katie Taylor is thankful not only to her family and fans, but also to God.

The famous Irish boxer defeated Belgian fighter Delfine Persoon in Madison Square Gardens over the weekend, securing the WBC green belt.

In the lead up to the fight she told Telegraph Sport that on the arm of her tracksuit is embossed Psalm 18. “It’s my favourite psalm. I read before every one of my fights,” she said. The Psalm recalls that ‘the Lord is my rock’.

It is also understood that before the momentous battle, the sports star was surrounded by her family in deep prayer, led by her mother Bridget.

Although it was a close-call, Ms Taylor edged the win, and afterwards thanked God for the victory.

The Irish star has previously spoken about the importance of her Faith and the role of God in her personal and professional life.