God and men smile on Italian team

God and men smile on Italian team The Italian team meets with Pope Francis in 2019, with manager Roberto Mancini seated at the helm.

Skill and commitment saw the Italian team triumph against the English side in the 2020 Euro’s final, but faith is what gets Italian manager Roberto Mancini across the line.

Mr Mancini has also visited Medjugorje in the past, travelling there ‘as a pilgrim’”

The 56-year-old Italian is a devout Catholic, who previously said he has been “very religious” since he was a young boy.

Mr Mancini has a history of personal devotion, the Sunday Mirror revealed that the manager had a relic of St Therese of Lisieux in his pocket during Manchester City’s victory over Queen’s Park Rangers (QPR) in the 2012 Premier League final.

It was given to him in St Mary’s Cathedral in Newcastle by Fr Marc Lyden-Smith, who said:

“I spoke with Roberto after Mass and agreed to loan him my relic of this great saint for the match, not in any superstitious way, but to call upon the communion of saints in his prayers during the match, praying for players to use their God-given gifts and talents.

“Roberto kept the relic in his pocket for the match, and also Manchester City’s last game of the season, the thriller that saw Roberto’s team win the title in the last seconds of the season and be crowned champions.”

Mr Mancini has also visited Medjugorje in the past, travelling there “as a pilgrim” after his father recovered from a heart attack in 2012.

The former altar-boy attended Mass and a monastery during his two-day trip, as well as visiting two of the visionaries – but refused to say what they discussed.

Football boss

However, the football boss said at the time that he doesn’t ask God or the Virgin Mary for football help as it wouldn’t be right.

“I have been very religious since I was a young boy. But I would not say that God or the Virgin Mary help me in my career. They have more important stuff to do,” he laughed.