Glimpses of a lost world

Glimpses of a lost world 'Horses on Inch Beach', Co Kerry, 1970

Richard Fitzgerald has spent a lifetime looking through his camera lens with a dedicated eye. His latest book is Dark Ireland: Images of a lost world. Richard says: “the photographs in this book happened because of my upbringing in rural Ireland; it is a world I knew intimately before emigration was forced upon me. In the years following my departure, I became aware that many of the old customs and traditions were rapidly changing, soon to be lost forever.“ The beauty of this alluring twilight found its way through my camera lens, coaxing my eye to record remnants of its passing. The fond memory of that distant time will forever remain the cornerstone of my dark boyhood dreams,” he says.

Dark Ireland: Images of a lost world is published by Currach Press priced €24.99 and is available at Currach Online and all good bookshops.

‘Beaching the Currach’, Achill Island, 1985
‘Children at Roadside Shrine’, Co Waterford, 1984
‘Coffinmaker at Ohermong’, Co Kerry, 1985
‘Donkeys for Sale’, Co Kerry, 1971