Famous singer calls for women to ‘choose life’

Famous singer calls for women to ‘choose life’ Singer Kaya Jones

Well-known pop singer and actress Kaya Jones has revealed why she is so openly pro-life and said that we need to “expose the truth” about how damaging abortion can be.

Writing on Twitter, the former Pussycat Doll said that she is one of many women who feel “ashamed” to speak publicly on this issue but that it’s now time for people to speak out.

“If we don’t speak on this more, young women will not know the reality of the damages caused by abortion. We must expose the truth. It’s time,” she said.

The model added that with more voices on board, she is hopeful that women we be helped to choose life, and also pointed out that this is an issue that also affects men. “We show men they are not worthy of being here and we also show men not to respect women who throw away their seed and their own baby. Men also deal with the damages of abortion and no one ever thinks this is true. But it is.”

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