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Family News & Events Keem Bay, Achill Island Photo: Wikipedia
Japanese billionaire seeks eight people for Moon trip

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has invited eight people to join him for a trip around the moon on a SpaceX flight, according to the BBC.

“I want people from all kinds of backgrounds to join,” he said in a video via Twitter, sharing a link to application details.

The mission is called ‘dearMoon’ and is scheduled to fly in 2023. Mr Maezawa has already said he will pay for the entire journey, so those who join him will be flying for free.

Those who apply must meet two criteria: they should advance “whatever activity” they are in to “help other people and greater society in some way” and must be “willing to support other crew members who share similar aspirations”.

The price Mr Maezawa paid for his ticket to the moon has not been disclosed, but according to Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Spacex it was “a lot of money”.


Glow in the dark sharks found near New Zealand

Scientists say they have found three deepwater shark species off the coast of New Zealand that glow in the dark.

The species were found in the Chatham Rise, which is an area of ocean floor to the east of New Zealand. They were collected in January of 2020, according to the study.

The kitefin shark is one of the species, and now holds the title of longest known luminous vertebrate, reaching up to 180cm (or 5ft and 11in).

Bioluminescence, a phenomenon which sees organisms emitting light, was also confirmed in the blackbelly lanternshark and southern lanternshark.

The three species were already known to marine biologists, but this is the first time bioluminescence has been identified in them.

Many marine animals, and some insects such as fireflies, produce their own light, but this is the first time the phenomenon has been found in larger sharks.

The scientists suggested that the sharks’ glowing underbellies may help them to hide from predators or other threats beneath them.


Mayo beach named one of Europe’s top 20 by Lonely Planet

A beach in Co. Mayo has been named one of the best beaches in Europe according to famous travel publication Lonely Planet.

Its latest round-up of beaches saw Keem Bay on Achill Island achieve the number 18 spot on the list.

Lonely Planet has accrued a global following for its recommendations and travel tips.

“No matter your taste in beach, Europe obliges”, they wrote, «From the wild, wind-lashed shores of the Atlantic coast to mountain-fringed Arctic bays where whales raise their tails, and the sunlit, snuggled-away coves of Italy and Greece, we bring you the cream of the European coast with these top 20 beaches.»

On Keem Bay, the publication wrote, “Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way hides a crock of gold when it comes to dramatic coastlines – and nowhere more so than at gloriously remote Keem Bay at the far west of Achill Island.