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Family News & Events
Time to make art among the animals

Many families have been cooped up for a long time, only now being able to go on some visits and days out, what better way to celebrate the easing of Covid-19 restrictions than getting creative and letting children’s imagination flow?

‘Come make art among the animals’ is an event set for Saint Anne’s Park, Dublin City farm on St Anne’s All Saints Rd, Clontarf East, Dublin.

In this workshop students learn painting skills by creating a landscape step by step. Students are each given a wooden frame and shown different painting techniques. They have the opportunity to get creative when creating their frame. The workshops are for children aged 8-12.

Organisers say: “We will work outdoors so they are somewhat weather permitting. The students are spaced out keeping within Covid-19 restrictions.”

The event takes place on Tuesday, June 30 from 10-11.30am and costs €22.20. Bookings can be made here.

No screen time rules when parents stressed – study

Stressed parents often abandon screen time rules for children according to new University of Guelph research finds.

A pioneer study in Canada found parents of young children reporting high levels of life or parenting stress were less likely to monitor and limit their children’s screen use and more likely to use their own devices in front of their children.

The research comes at a time when many Canadian families are experiencing more stress than usual due to Covid-19. The study was published in the Journal of Children and Media.

It surveyed 64 parents from 39 families of children 18 months to five years of age taking part in the Guelph Family Health Study. The parents were asked about their stress as well as whether they monitored and limited their children’s screen use, and whether they used screens in front of their children.

Fifth of world population more vulnerable to Covid-19

About 20% of people around the world have at least one underlying health condition that makes them more vulnerable to severe Covid-19 illness, according to researchers.

The analysis of data from 188 countries points to 22% of the world’s population may need more protective measures. However, not all people with underlying conditions will develop severe COVID-19 illness if infected with the new coronavirus authors stated.

The international team of investigators concluded that 4% of these people would require hospitalisation, according to the study published in The Lancet Global Health journal.

“We hope our estimates will provide useful starting points for designing measures to protect those at increased risk of severe disease,” said study author Andrew Clark, an associate professor of public health and policy at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.