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Family News & Events
Live classes online

Gyms have been closed for over a month now. Many of us will have spent hours scouring online for at-home workouts and tutorials and it’s starting to get old. Not being able to interact with a class or get tips on your form can slowly start to take the fun and the impact out of exercising.

Many instructors have started offering online classes, you might have already spotted some on your social media feed. If you haven’t however, there is an easily accessible one on Eventbrite at the moment.

Eat Dance Breathe is providing live online pilates and yoga classes for all levels. They cost €6.19 and have limited space to ensure attention can be given to each person. Pilates is a particularly good form of exercise for strength, especially core. If you want something slower and more focused on flexibility, then yoga is a better bet. The classes are 30 minutes long and taught by Simona, a yoga and pilates Instructor at 1Escape Health Club in Smithfield.


Father’s involvement passed down through generations

A study done in the US has shown that fathers involvement in their kids life is passed down through generations.

Dads who were involved in their child’s life when they were one year old, were found to have a better father-child relationship when they were aged nine.

Fathers who took part in the study who reported involvement from their own dad in their childhood tended to be more involved with their kids at age one, they were also shown to have a better relationship with their father. This suggests a pattern of father-child relationships and father involvement are passed down through generations.

Research has already shown that kids with more involved fathers tend to perform better in school, are less likely to be involved in drugs, and have better emotional well-being.

The average age of the fathers in the study was 27 and half were not in romantic relationships with their child’s mother when the child was nine. Around a quarter of them had not lived with their child at any point since their birth.


Difficult clasps easily solved

A lot of things get difficult as we get older. One of these is our ability to do nimble tasks with our hands. Having difficulty using a lobster clasp or ring fastener on jewellery can be a common problem for people of all ages, young children, older people, and those of us that are not blessed with neat fingers.

A magnetic clasp converter is a small set of strong magnets that you can attach to the end of your piece of jewellery. These can be put on by a family member, neighbour or jeweller if you have issues with attaching them to the clasps, then the ends can snap together and come apart without any fiddling around. They come in a variety of different of metallic colours, shapes and sizes and can be easily found online.