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Walk with dinosaurs

The story of the dinosaurs continues to fascinate minds, both young and old, but instead of reading about them in book, why not seem them close-up in Dublin’s 3Arena?

Running from December 21-23, Walking With Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular, is based on the award-winning BBC TV series of the same name, and this $20 million live production will see the life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex and his prehistoric dino-friends in action thanks to brand new, state of the art technology and new scientific information about how the dinosaurs really lived when they ruled the planet.

The whole family will be amazed by the lifelike quality of these fascinating creatures as you follow them through their 200 million-year reign at the top of the food chain. You’ll feel like you’re really back in the Jurassic period as they walk, hunt and fight for their very survival!


A selfless selfie?

Taking photos of yourself and putting them up online seems to be part and parcel of young people’s lives today, but a new study suggests excessive sharing of images on social media may lead to an increase in narcissistic traits.

The research, carried out in the UK and Italy, revealed that those who posted images in quantities that the researchers considered “excessive” showed an average 25% increase in narcissistic traits over the study period.

Notably, participants who posted words rather than images did not demonstrate this increase. The ease by which people can post selfies or photos to social media can result in oversharing which in turn feeds the ego.

“That the predominant usage of social media for the participants was visual, mainly through Facebook, suggests the growth of this personality problem could be seen increasingly more often, unless we recognise the dangers in this form of communication,” said lead author Prof. Philip Reed of Swansea University.


Lost and found

We’re all prone to losing things, be it our phone, keys or even luggage, and while this usually leads to frantic searching, in a modern-technological age this doesn’t have to be this way.

The Pixie Tracker is a small device, about the size of keyring, that can be attached to any items you fear losing. It can be thrown into your luggage before your flight or tucked into the pocket of your wallet. Not only does it locate lost or misplaced items, but the app on your phone will tell you exactly where it is.

This means that you need to no longer rely on beeps or noises to track down your lost items but just follow your phone’s directions. Its accuracy is down to the inch and will allow you to see your items through piles of magazines, car seats, walls, and more!