Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Science exhibition to draw the whole family

For tech lovers and would-be scientists alike, the I WISH (Inspiring Women in STEM) Showcase event combines talks and interaction with female role models (superstars and graduates) with exhibition spaces where companies engage students directly through live experiments and demonstrations of what they actually do.

I WISH is an initiative to inspire and encourage young female secondary-school students to pursue careers in STEM. The idea for the event was formed four years ago by three women working in Cork who were concerned by the low levels of women participating in STEM and the growing skills gap in the area.

This year’s line-up includes major multinationals such as Google and Twitter, with interactive exhibitions, workshops, daily keynotes and engaging talks by inspirational women and men who have seen the opportunities for a great career in STEM.

I Wish will be taking place in Cork City Hall, January 25 and 26, and the RDS in Dublin, January 29 and 30. To register, see: 


Fibre keeps you fit

The decision to choose what breakfast to eat every morning has been made much easier following a new study which has revealed that having a bowl of muesli with fruit every morning can strengthen your bones and even prevent arthritis later in life.

The study conducted by German scientists from the Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlanden-Nunberg (FAU) indicated that a fibre-rich diet can reduce the negative impacts of chronic inflammatory joint diseases and also help maintain and build stronger bones.

The fibre actively changes the bacteria in our gut and creates more short-chained fatty acids. “We were able to show that a bacteria-friendly diet has an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as a positive effect on bone density,” said Dr Mario Zaiss who led the team behind the study.

Eating fibre also helps lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer.


Mixing it up at the gym

For the gyms buffs in the family or for those who like to exercise daily, a new technological sports bottle can provide a helping hand in making and consuming protein supplements. The ProMiXX 2.0 is a protein mixer that requires no manual shaking, but simply the push of a button, and it will electronically shake it for you.

This smooths out your mixed protein-powered drinks, clearing them of all lumps, while its detachable motor also means that it’s easy to clean.

Another benefit is that the bottle is 100% leak-free and completely safe because of the specially engineered blunt blade.

Though costing €45, the ease and effectiveness of the bottle could make it worth the money.