Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Inside the box

Now more than ever you might wish there was something happening to keep you and your family occupied. Since almost everything is cancelled due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), museums are closed and it’s looking like all schools and colleges will be closed for the foreseeable future, it’s time to get creative. Walking is a great way to get everyones daily exercise in. Think about where you can go for a stroll together or where you could bring a ball, ideally not somewhere too busy or somewhere that involves taking public transport. If you need to self-isolate, try getting everyone involved in redoing the garden. Spring is an ideal time for planting and repainting fences as long as the dry weather holds up. And if you’re confined indoors it could be a great time to draw, paint, redecorate or bake. Try and recreate the things you do outside of the home, inside! Kids could write and act out a short play, parents could try out some at home workouts. You just have to think inside the box!


Keep it private

A recent study from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) has shown which browsers allow you to maintain the most privacy.

Prof. Douglas J. Leith ran a number of tests to find out whether selected browsers tracked users’ IP addresses over time and if they leaked details of the websites visited. The less popular browser, Brave, came out on top of the group. There were no identifiers that would let the browser track an IP address over time and there wasn’t any sign of the browser sending details of visited webpages to background servers.

Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Yandex Browser were also examined in the study. The first three, which account for over 85% of the browser market, were found to track IP addresses and share details about the pages visited with the background servers of the browser’s maker. The Microsoft Edge and Yandex Browser were ranked the worst in the group.


Virtual party

Do you happen to be some of the unlucky few that are stuck at home with little company? Luckily in this digital age there are plenty of ways to connect with friends and family. If you feel like you’ve exhausted Facetime and WhatsApp, and are just craving some chill out time with your loved ones, this might be for you.

There is a Google Chrome Browser extension that you can get called Netflix Party. You can finally resume the series you had promised you would only finish with a particular person. The extension, once downloaded  allows you to watch Netflix remotely with friends. It synchronizes the video playback so that you’re all at the same point. It also adds group chat so you can talk (or joke about) the newest episode.