Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Robin Hood Panto

He steals from the rich and gives to the poor – the famous story of Robin Hood will be performed this December in Liberty Hall Theatre Dublin. The whole family will get to watch the legendary outlaw, along with Maid Marion, Nursie Nellie Nu Nu and the Merry Men as they try to defeat the wicked Sheriff of Snottingham in this traditional pantomime.

The show features singing, dancing, fun and laughter and as Robin Hood is recruiting his Merry Men, you could even be picked for a walk in part of this year’s show. There will also be an opportunity to meet the cast afterwards for photos. The performance runs from December 19-31 for 19 shows only and tickets can be purchased at This could be a great Christmas treat both parents and children would enjoy.

It’s more than just a game

Board games aren’t as popular as they used to be; at one time they were the highlight for a family on a Friday night, now most of them remain in the back of a cupboard untouched for years on end. However, it might be time to resurrect some old favourites as a new study suggests that playing analog games can reduce cognitive decline.

The research, carried out by Drew Altschul from the University of Edinburgh and Prof. Ian Deary of the Edinburgh Lothian Birth Cohorts, shows that people who played more games in their 70s were more likely to maintain healthy cognitive function in their older years.

Those who reported playing more analog games in their 70s experienced less relative cognitive decline from the age of 11 until 70, and less cognitive decline between 70 and 79.

“These latest findings add to evidence that being more engaged in activities during the life course might be associated with better thinking skills in later life,” Altschul said.

Plate up

There a few delicacies in life more appetising than Christmas dinner, but when there are so many mouths to feed it can be hard juggle all the cooking at one time. Without preparation, the festive feast can become disaster. One problem that arises in small domestic ovens across the country is the sheer lack of space to warm your plates when it’s already filled with a turkey and roast potatoes. In order to avoid a cold meal, microwave plate warmers are a clever and handy solution. Simply heat these plate warmers in a microwave for two minutes, then place on your plates to keep them hot for up to 45 minutes. Alternatively you can place a plate warmer in a bread basket to keep rolls warm.

This nifty gadget will allow you to heat plates and bowls with no fuss, leaving your oven clutter-free and your Christmas dinner piping hot!