Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Wicklow Christmas market

During December, Christmas markets are installed across the world and Ireland is no different to this practice. The Wicklow market which begins on November 23 and lasts three weeks will offer a selection of local artisan foods, decorations, gifts, workshops and even a visit from Santa himself!

This year, there will also be a number of music and entertainment bookings to keep you amused along with a magical family funfair.

Whether you’re local or coming from Dublin City Centre or even further a-field, this promises to be an event worth going to, accessible by both car and public transport. Bus Eireann’s 133 will drop you right outside the grounds, the train dropping you at Wicklow Town station 5 minutes away, and ample parking spaces within walking distance of The Abbey Grounds. This is a non-ticketed event.

Hot weather leaves you blue

It’s understandable to think that the cold weather contributes to experiencing negative mental health – but a new study has revealed that a hotter climate may be more responsible for psychological problems.

The research carried out by US scientists and published in the Journal of Health Economics shows that cooler temperatures decrease the level of adverse mental health outcomes and that warmer temperatures increase negative health outcomes.

The authors collated vast amounts of information about suicide rates, emergency department visits, and self-reported mental health statuses to reach their conclusions.

They believe the phenomenon may be the result of increased sleep disturbances which occur more frequently in hot weather.

“While it is possible that temperature independently affects both sleep and mental health in a similar manner, we argue that this is not likely to be the case as other research documents a strong link between poor sleep and measures of mental health that are unrelated to temperature.”

Soggy soap solution

With calls to be more conscious about our ecological impact, soap bars are now in back in vogue. Rather than showering or bathing with a bar, most people have opted for plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner as advertised on television. But given that this kind of consumption can damage our planet, naturally-made bars are finding their place in homes again because they’re much kinder to the environment. There is one problem with them: they get slippery, sticky and soggy. If you find one on a bathroom sink, you’ll probably see a whole lot of soapy residue when you pick it up. A simple solution to this problem is to purchase or make your own soap stand. There are many on the market made of different materials, so have a look around to see what best fits your taste.