Family News and Events

Family News and Events
It’s popcorn time!

Films speak to everyone irrespective of age or race; they transport you to another world for a brief period of time where you can laugh, cry or be astonished. To celebrate the power of the cinema, Cork Film Festival will be running this November. Award-winning films from the international film festival circuit, new discoveries and cinema classics are selected by the experienced curatorial team to be shown on the big screen in Cork.

The festival will be showcasing the top international and Irish features, documentaries and shorts, as well as programmes for schools, families and mental health. Taking place from November 7-17, 80% of the films presented in the festival are the only opportunity for audiences to see these films on the big screen in Cork and Ireland. For more information about this family-friendly event, see:

Go easy on the treadmill!

It’s common knowledge today that alongside a balanced diet, exercising regularly is the key to a healthy lifestyle. However, as the old saying goes, too much of anything can be dangerous, and working out is no exception. Researchers in France have discovered that overtraining can have detrimental effects on the brain and body. After increasing the intensity and frequency of training regimens for male endurance athletes over three weeks, the study revealed that these participants felt more fatigued than normal and began behaving differently.

MRI scans of the athletes showed that burnout resulted in impaired activation of the lateral prefrontal cortex – the area of the brain responsible for decision making, planning, and motivational operations.

So, while endurance training is pretty good for your health, it might have some negative effects on your overall cognitive abilities if taken to the extreme.

Print on the go

The world of photos has changed rapidly in the last few decades; a monotonous wait for them to be developed is no longer needed as they can all be stored on your phone or laptop. Instead of snapping a limited number of shots on a disposable camera, you can now take an endless amount on modern devices and edit them to your hearts content. However, every advance comes with a consequence. There are often times when having a physical photo is a much better option than owning just a digital one; perhaps you want to stick a picture of your kids on the fridge, give one to a long-distance friend, or simply create a collage. For those facing this problem, portable printers are your solution. They fit neatly inside your pocket and speedily print photos from your device. Problem solved!