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Family News and Events
Feel the buzz in Sligo

With a modern awareness of how important bees are for our ecosystems to thrive, perhaps it’s time to learn more about these fascinating creatures. If you’re interested to find out about the ins-and-outs of beekeeping, look no further than Sligo where trained farmer Ailbhe Gerrard can show you the ropes. She studied sustainable development in University College London, and organic farming for three years in the renowned Scottish Agricultural College (SRUC). She was recently honoured with a Nuffield Agricultural Scholarship, and lectures at Gurteen Agricultural College.

Taking place in WB’s Coffee House on October 12 as part of Taste the Island event, you will learn all about beekeeping, how you can help, taste the honey and see a demonstration on how to make a bees wax candle. You can even enjoy a glass of wine and taste some Sligo Oysters during the event! For more information, see:

Cancer-fighting vegetables?

Onion and garlic are staple ingredients when cooking most dishes, adding that well-needed dash of flavour. They’re known to be very nutritious, but a new study has revealed that these small vegetables hold an unexpected power: the ability to protect against breast cancer. According to research published in Nutrition and Cancer there is lower risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer if your diet consists of high onion and garlic consumption. The study led by Gauri Desai, which analysed the link between sofrito (a condiment which consists largely of onion and garlic) and breast cancer among Puerto Rican women, showed an inverse relationship between the two. “Sofrito intake, when examined alone, was inversely associated with breast cancer; for those consuming sofrito more than once/day, there was a 67% decrease in risk, compared to never consumers,” Desai said.

Super silicone solution

At a time when we are all called to be more conscious about protecting the planet for future generations, making small differences to our everyday lives is a good first step. If you don’t know where to begin, try starting in the kitchen where avoid using plastic cling film to preserve cut fruit or vegetables. There are a few different options on the market to kick this habit, but the best ones to use are silicone fruit and vegetable holders. These small covers, which can be purchased online, will envelop anything inside it from half an onion to a leftover lemon. They also act as impromptu lids, preserving any homemade sauces which are covered by them. Not only do they help reduce your plastic consumption, but you no longer need to deal with the messiness of cling film and you’ll certainly be more likely to use them given their simplicity.