Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Catch a film and camp with the family

Camping and watching films are both great pastimes, why not do both at an upcoming family friendly event being organised in Wicklow?

Éire Óg, Greystones Movie and Camping night is back. This year, the popular family film LEGO 2 will be on the big screen on Saturday, September 7.

Organisers say: “As well as the option to camp overnight on our spacious grounds there will be children’s activities, food stalls and lots of fun. What a way to end the summer! It all kicks-off from about 5pm with the film starting at 7:30pm. You can bring food with you and adults can even bring a tipple if they so fancy.”

Cost: Tickets are €7 for the film only, family camping passes (which includes entry to the film) are €30. The event takes place at Éire Óg Greystones, Mill Road in Greystones and tickets can be booked here.


Family time tops poll in life importance

Politeness, family time, strong coffee, a faithful partner and eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, are among the 50 things people value most in life, according to a new study.

Research in the UK conducted to discover the people, institutions and things we place the most value on in modern life found that family time is the thing cherished most according to 44% of respondents.

The study by Travelodge also found that a happy, settled home life (43%) came second, followed by good physical health (41%) and a loving, faithful partner (35%).

And when it comes to rest, 21% believe eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is something to be truly valued in modern life.

It also found that people in Britain also cherish their other half (29%), their parents (33%), and spending time with their kids (32%).


Never fear about children’s locations with GPS watches

It can be a daunting world for parents, with many constantly worrying for their children’s safety, particularly when they’re out later than the set curfew and you haven’t heard from them.

A watch with a GPS tracker, suitable for kids aged 3 and above, can be all the security a parent needs when it’s getting a dark and a child hasn’t arrived home.

It allows parents to monitor their child’s current location and habits in real-time, meaning if something was to go wrong, or they enter an area they’ve been told not go – parents will know about it instantly. There are some setbacks however, there are no truly ‘tamper-proof’ models it seems. Most include a silicone band that can be easily removed. Some of the devices do have tamper alerts to let you know if the child – or someone else – tries to remove it, but there’s nothing stopping them from doing so.

Many versions of the product can be found online with a little online investigation. Pay attention to setbacks and plan accordingly depending on which product you might buy.