Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Have you heard the story about Johnny Magory?

The Johnny Magory Annual Adventure Day in Aid of CMRF Crumlin will take place for the third time during National Heritage Week. The event is based around a children’s book series.

This free family focused event is building on events held over the last 2 years and will include a nature hunt around Ballynafagh Lake, looking for all Johnny Magory’s animal friends, a fishing demonstration, some healthy snacks and of course readings from The Adventures of Johnny Magory children’s book series by the author.

They will be hosting a raffle with prizes from local businesses and are hoping attendees will donate “what you can for CMRF Crumlin Children’s Hospital”. The event takes place on August 24 from 2-5pm at Ballynafagh Lake, Ballynafagh, Prosperous in Naas, Co. Kildare.

Max: 250 children. Must be accompanied by parent/guardian. Tickets need only be ordered for children and can be found on

Not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs and the walk is approximately 3km. Wellies or old runners are essential.


Don’t bypass some world-class Bluegrass

Enjoy three days and nights of exceptional bluegrass and old-time music at the Ulster American Folk Park in Tyrone, featuring direct from the USA, the multi award winning band Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers.
Other acts from the US include Front Country, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, Bill & The Belles and Hoot & Holler.

The event takes place on Mellon Road, Castletown in Omagh. Other international acts include the Paris Texas Band from Belgium as well as The Buffalo Gals and Dr Bluegrass from England.

Events organisers say there will also be the best of home grown talent from across the north and south of Ireland, which “will make for a toe-tappin’, knee-clappin’, finger-pickin’ bluegrass weekend!”

Opening times are from 12.30 – 11:30pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Price list: Weekend Pass: £48. Friday/Sunday: £15 adult, £6 child. Saturday (day): £20 adult, £6 child. Saturday (evening): £15 adult, £6 child.


Alzheimer’s test could predict disease 20 years before onset

Detecting Alzheimer’s disease through a blood test has moved a step closer to clinical use.

A new blood test is 94% accurate at identifying Alzheimer’s before symptoms arise when age and genetic risk factors are taken into account, experts have said according to the Press Association.

Researchers from Washington University in St Louis report they can measure levels of the Alzheimer’s protein amyloid beta in blood and use these levels to predict whether it has accumulated in the brain.

The report said that up to 20 years before people develop the memory loss and confusion of Alzheimer’s disease, damaging clumps of protein start to build up in their brains.

The findings, published in the medical journal Neurology, are a major step towards a blood test to diagnose people on track to develop the disease, before symptoms arise.

“Right now we screen people for clinical trials with brain scans, which is time-consuming and expensive, and enrolling participants takes years,” said senior author Randall J Bateman, professor of neurology in Washington University’s medical school.