Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Family-friendly festival offers music and play all day

A festival with all the bells and whistles takes place this summer and offers a huge array of exciting spectacles and activities.

Playstival is a two-day festival dedicated to play and discovery, fun and excitement, great food and live music, and most of all family time together according to organisers.

This summer’s new festival line-up allows parents the opportunity to play with their children, or let them interact with other kids and enjoy the games and interactive shows. Expect a live music stage with dance-worthy bands and DJs, a new world food market and a plethora of hands-on programming for toddlers to tweens as well as the grown-ups. Children under two years old can go for free.

Playstival runs from Saturday, August 10-11, running from 9am-6pm. Those interested can stay tuned by visiting and the Playstival social media channels for updates. The event will be held at Airfield Estate, Overend Avenue in Dundrum, Co. Dublin.


Healthy Dads make healthy babies

Fathers who eat right and exercise regularly are passing down metabolic health to their children, lowering their chances of developing diabetes and obesity later in life.

According to a study, the lifestyle choices of men before conception can have an impact on their offspring’s lifelong health.

“Even a month or so of moderate exercise before conception can have major benefits to his children’s metabolic health,” stated Kristin Stanford, an assistant professor of physiology and cell biology at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre and an author of the study.

“Those benefits include lower body weight, increased insulin sensitivity and decreased fat mass.”

Aside from possibly affecting their offspring’s metabolic health, men can reap other benefits from opting for a healthy lifestyle. Josiah Larowe of the American Cancer Society said that eating right and exercising regularly can also significantly lower a person’s risk of cancers of all types.


Nifty slim wallets: Keeping cash and cards safe

As the need to carry coins and cash slowly fades and people continuously move towards using credit and debit cards and even their smartphones to pay for products when they’re out and about, is there a need to have a big wallet?

On the market now there are ‘slim wallets’ that only have space for cards and some notes and just a very small space for coins.

Secrid is the brand commonly known for this design, which is sold in Arnotts.

An aluminium element is inbuilt to protect contactless cards in some of the designs, there is also a press stud closure and a sliding system allows you to pop up cards easily rather than fishing through the wallet.

Whether it be for children getting their first wallet, or mothers and fathers looking for something more slim and nifty, this looks to be the wallet of the future.