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Family News and Events Yulefest Kilkenny
Lighting up Christmas

To celebrate community, creativity and Christmas, check out the Festival of Light in Kilkenny’s Castlecomer which is sure to be a hit with whole family.

Beginning on November 30 and running straight up to December 24, you and your kids will get to make your own lanterns, participate in The Parade of Light and watch Santa Claus as he lights up the Square. As part of Yulefest Kilkenny, you can also experience a winter wonderland located in the heart of The Discovery Park woodlands.

Alongside meeting the talented makers at the Craft Yard Castlecomer estate and sourcing gifts for your loved ones, you can treat yourself to some delicious hot chocolate or tasty sausage rolls all the while enjoying the Magical Silhouettes in the windows.

Be sure to wrap up warmly, as this is sure to be an unforgettable experience!


Flask Mittens

At Christmas, we usually receive some quirky or bizarre gifts that make us wonder who came up with the idea in the first place. Well, Flask Mittens certainly fit into this category, because as the name suggests – these mittens also act a flask.

While some presents only have novelty value, these gloves are actually practical and keep your hands warm. Each snug pair has a flexible plastic 4-ounce container hidden inside the left-hand glove, so that you can enjoy a quick sip of coffee, tea or eggnog.

The liquid will stay warm for hours and keep your hands toasty at the same time. This is an ideal gift for those that like ‘out-there’ presents or for a practical person who wants to kill two birds with one stone by not having to carry a flask in the cold weather.


Peanut power

Around 1% of people suffer from peanut allergies which can cause an incredible strain not only on their culinary lives, but also their normal, everyday interactions. However, a new treatment developed by experts across the world is hoping to tackle this problem. The study tested the effectiveness of a new oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy that delivers a target daily maintenance dose of 300mg of peanut protein.

The results revealed that participants saw a significant increase in their tolerance to peanuts. Study author Dr Stephen Tilles said: “We were pleased to find that two-thirds of the people in the study were able to tolerate the equivalent of two peanuts per day after nine to 12 months of treatment, and half the patients tolerated the equivalent of four peanuts.”

Despite the positive results, it does not mean that people with a peanut allergy can eat peanuts whenever they want.