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Family News and Events The Trtl pillow
Fun in the sun

It’s festivals galore this summer and one that always stands out is the annual St Anne’s Park Rose Festival which is taking place on July 14-15 from 10am-6pm each day.

It takes place on Dublin’s northside where the public can enjoy woodland walks, recreational facilities and, of course, the beautiful Rose Garden. Some of the attractions on offer are horse and carriage rides, a living history exhibition, the Big Bear Planetarium, live music, and lots more. For those who want a day in the sun there will be a good assortment of trade stands and treats and of course the Farmers Market will be in full swing over the weekend also.

For all our gardening visitors, there will be plant sellers, nurseries, garden centres, florists, and our Biodiversity Hub will inform you and keep you updated on all environmental issues affecting the UNESCO Biosphere for which St Anne’s plays an important role.


Let that sit with you

It’s widely documented in medical literature that sitting down too often can create back problems, and even heightens the risk of dementia and walking disability. Adding to this list, a new study carried out by researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia has shown that sitting increases frailty risk for women. Frailty means that you have fewer reserves to recover from illness or injury, and is linked to increased risk of hospitalisation, falls, and premature mortality.

The study which clinically followed the daily sitting time of 5,462 middle-aged women for 12 years, revealed that “women who had high levels of sitting – about ten hours a day – were more at risk of becoming frail”. In contrast, however, those with consistently less sitting time had a lower risk of developing problems.

“Participants who decreased their sitting time by approximately two hours per day reduced their risk of vulnerability,” said study co-author Paul Gardiner.


The dream flight

The summer months are the busiest times for travelling, but with the sweltering heat, busy airports and crowded flights, sometimes a little gadget can make the difference between a good day and bad one.

The Trtl pillow certainly fits this bill, allowing you to sleep comfortably for the duration of the flight. Unlike other pillows, this one has strengthened ribs which provide scientifically proven head and neck support; super soft fleece and foam which is stretched to create a comforting hammock effect; and a design which fits any neck, jaw and shoulder shape.

Notably, the pillow isn’t bulky but lightweight and packs really small for travelling. Whether you’re on a long-haul business flight or are travelling the world one city at time this is the perfect little addition to your packing itinerary. Sweet dreams!