Faith and charity go hand 
in hand, says TV star

Faith and charity go hand 
in hand, says TV star Patricia Heaton

A famous Hollywood actress has said that her Catholic faith pushed her towards supporting charities and tacking causes of injustice and poverty.

Patricia Heaton, best known for her roles as Debra Barone on the long-running hit comedy Everybody Loves Raymond and as Frankie Heck in The Middle, said that donating to charity was important to her Catholic family.

Speaking with The New Times from Rwanda as part of her charity work with the Christian humanitarian organisation World Vision, the Catholic mother of four boys said that her faith and supporting charities go hand in hand. “I am Catholic and I know that my father always gave money to charity even though we didn’t have a lot.

“We weren’t poor but there was not a lot of extras because he paid for all of us to go to Catholic schools.

“But even so, he made sure that he would give money to charities, and that is what it has always been in my mind.”