Derry pupil’s beard goes viral

Derry pupil’s beard goes viral Carrick McClean of St Columb’s College Derry Photo:Derrydaily

A secondary school pupil in Derry is causing waves on social media after refusing to follow school policy and shave his beard.

Carrick McClean of St Columb’s College Derry received a huge reaction on Twitter with almost 3,000 likes and hundreds of comments of support after he published a letter he sent to his principal arguing against the ‘Clean Shaven’ policy.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic, Mr McClean explained his issues with the policy saying: “One of them would be an equality sort of thing, because teachers and all members of staff can have beards.

“Also in terms of mental health and confidence, students might grow a beard to cover acne or scars they might have, so it’s a major self confidence boost.


“There’s also a religious aspect because in some religious faiths beards are essential, so I was wondering if a pupil came to our school with those religious beliefs and chose to grow a beard would they be allowed to because of the policy? There’s a lot of issues.”

After a meeting with the vice principal and the principal last week, he says he was told the issue will be discussed by the school council and the board of governors by the end of the month and hopes beards will get the green light.