Coronavirus: Tipperary Church ‘lights up’ for frontline workers  

Coronavirus: Tipperary Church ‘lights up’ for frontline workers   

A church in Clonmel lit up over a thousand candles on Friday event for frontline healthcare workers along with prayers and petitions for everyone affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Candles in the shape of a cross were placed on the benches inside Ss Peter and Paul’s Church on, with a number of petition candles lit on the sanctuary and altar. The Co. Tipperary church is one of the places from which RTÉ has been broadcasting daily Masses during rhe crisis.

Prior to the service, the faithful were invited to send in requests to have a specific candle lit for their loved ones and to pay their respects to those on the frontline around the country.

Parish priest Fr Michael Toomey, who led the prayer service, said that he was “very aware that for many, lighting a candle in the church gives great peace and comfort to many, and so while our church is currently closed for everyone’s health and safety, we are still able to light candles for people by doing something as simple as this.”

He said that the parish had received “over 500 requests for a candle to be lit by email, phone and messenger, and many of the prayers were read out in the service, which was broadcast live on Facebook, on and radio and we had a combined audience of over 5,000 views from all over the town, country, and the world including Spain, Australia and Syria.”

During the service there were also words, hymns and songs of inspiration giving mention to all in those working on the frontline.

A special mention was made of the whole community, especially many who having lost jobs, who are now volunteering their services to those in need.

Fr Toomey said: “Just to see the wonderful community spirit in so many small ways has been so emotional, and just typical of the kind of people we are here in Clonmel and in Ireland.

“We should all be so very proud of what we are doing, together, by keeping apart!” he said.