Composer dedicates new religious song to Covid-19 victims

Composer dedicates new religious song to Covid-19 victims

Dublin-based composer Bernard Sexton has written a new religious song of comfort for the victims of Covid-19.

The song entitled ‘God Will Wipe Away All Tears’ is based on sacred texts from the Bible, sung by a virtual choir and an MP3 file and sheet music has been made free to download.

“The initial idea was that the song would remind those who are suffering or who are bereaved of the central Christian message of salvation,” Mr Sexton of Clontarf told The Irish Catholic.

“However, I felt something more uplifting and hopeful would be more comforting and reworked my original idea.

“I’m hoping that the song will be used in parishes throughout Ireland and may also be useful for memorial services.”

Many Irish Faithful may already be familiar with Mr Sexton’s music with his songs Though We are Many featuring at the International Eucharistic Congress in 2012 and The Last Supper during the Papal visit in 2018.

“Some of my most profound moments of Faith have musical associations,” says the St Anthony parishioner.

“My own Faith experience has convinced my of the power of music.

“People often ask me where the music I write comes from or how I compose music? I don’t have any rational explanation for it, but I do sense that there is divine hand guiding me when I am composing sacred music.”

The virtual choir video performance of the song can be found on YouTube