Catholic justice groups Budget appeal

Seven Catholic social justice organisations have called for an end to the “devastating” austerity Budgets

Seven Catholic social justice organisations have made a joint appeal to the Government calling for an end to the "devastating and demoralising austerity policies" that they said have characterised annual budgets of recent years.

Ahead of the publication of Budget 2014 on October 15, the group have proposed that, as a minimum, the Government needs to address the impact of inflation and new charges on those dependent on social welfare payments or the minimum wage; protect and support families through the retention of universal Child Benefit; return to the level of 0.5% GDP in Overseas Development Aid.

The group is comprised of: Council for Justice & Peace and the Council for Research & Development of the Irish Episcopal Conference; Crosscare; Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice; St Vincent de Paul; TrÛcaire and the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice.