Catholic conference seeks to shed light on Covid vaccines

Catholic conference seeks to shed light on Covid vaccines

An upcoming conference, Concerned about Covid-19 Vaccines?, is seeking to dispel the confusion that’s gathered around the safety and morality of Covid-19 vaccines from a Catholic and scientific perspective, according to one of the panellists, Dr Orla Nolan.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic newspaper, Senior Clinical Pharmacist and experienced medical safety assessor Dr Nolan said that “there’s a lot of stuff out there” and it’s causing a “great deal of confusion”.


“I have spent a lot of the last year and a half fielding questions and looking at YouTube videos and going, ‘Well, the entire premise behind this is wrong’, but people are soaking it up and believing it,” Dr Nolan said, adding that, “anyone can put anything on the internet, and they do”.

“I’m trying to give people as accurate information as I can, in as simple language as I can, so that they can make whatever decisions they want to make.”

Dr Nolan said she isn’t going to be telling people what they should or shouldn’t do, rather she’s “coming at this from a point of view that you have the right to make your own decision, but you need to have accurate information to actually make it, and there just isn’t accurate information out there”.

An erosion of trust

Diagnosing one of the current problems “in the whole information highway” as “an erosion of trust”, Dr Nolan said there is pressure now on people to find out for themselves, without having the time or the ability to say “Well, this is good quality data and this is bad quality data, and then to dig into it and see what the data means”.

“It’s easier for me to make that assessment. At least I know where to look and I know what quality the data is,” Dr Nolan said.

Dr Nolan said the moral element of the vaccine will largely be addressed by a theological consultant on the panel, Dominican and contributor to this paper, Fr Conor McDonough.


The conference takes place Saturday, November 27, from 7:00-8:15pm, and will feature a range of experts in the fields of science, medicine and theology. Register at: