Category: TV & Radio

‘The truth is mightier than tanks’

And so, we got another week of intense coverage of the war in Ukraine – absorbing, disturbing and frequently heart-breaking. On The Hard Shoulder (Newstalk, Thursday) we heard the latest fighting words from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy – he said the Russians may bomb their cathedrals but they won’t make Ukrainians give up their country or…

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TG4 proves a boon for hidden gems

I’ve often thought that if I was forced to have just one television channel to watch TG4 would be among the top contenders. This was confirmed for me by Ar an Aer (TG4, Tuesday). Subtitled ‘Pobal Dé’, it was a short and unfussy programme compiled from the archives 1960s-1990s and focusing on the work of…

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