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Helping young people navigate sexuality

We need to help teenagers to recognise their own value and that of everyone else, writes Alexander O’Hara We are currently experiencing not only an environmental crisis which threatens the future existence of our species, but an anthropological crisis that threatens to reshape and redefine the very nature of what makes us human. With massive…

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People should be consulted on migration

In March of last year, emails between senior officials in several Government departments discussing the preparations necessary for a surge in the number of people arriving in Ireland who would need accommodation, were released under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act. The expected newcomers under discussion in that instance were Ukrainian people displaced by the war,…

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Families can have children…and pets, Holy Father!

When the Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni met Pope Francis, commentators expected a clash of views. Ms Meloni’s right-wing party is strongly committed to halting excessive immigration to Italy, while the Pope has always emphasised the Gospel directive to welcome the stranger. And since his parents were immigrants to Argentina, perhaps he also identifies with…

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