By preserving life society is ‘truly progressive’

By preserving life society is ‘truly progressive’

Dear Editor, If we want an image of pure innocence and joy just look at lambs as they prance around without a care in the world in our fields. Picture this. You’re in a restaurant enjoying your meal and, as you are about to put a piece of succulent, tasty lamb into your mouth, the person besides you whispers to you: “Do you know how they slaughter lambs?”

Your look-away moment has arrived. Forehead frowns appear and your taste buds look south as you ponder the question. Your conscience peeks over the horizon.

We all experience such ‘I don’t want to know’ moments in our daily lives but surely the latest statistics that over 7,000 abortions were performed last year in Ireland for social reasons should give us pause for thought.

These reasons are not because of any possible life-limiting or similar medical conditions in the unborn baby but rather for reasons of simple inconvenience, e.g. having a baby now would adversely affect my career, my physique, my lifestyle, my financial condition, my relationship with my boyfriend, husband, etc.

Just 7,000 reasons to terminate the most joyous celebration of bringing a completely innocent human being into the world.

Of course, such negative feelings can occur in pregnant women but have we ever met a woman who is not grateful that she did not give in or surrender to them and have an abortion?

GPs are paid €450 by our State for every abortion they perform…no doubt, this is all in the name of ‘liberty and progress’.

If we think about it, a truly progressive society is one which treats each of its citizens, born or not yet born, with an inherent value and not as something devoid of value, that can be discarded as someone’s else’s choice.

Yours etc.,

James Maher,

Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.


Some see abortion as a ‘done deal’

Dear Editor, Every time I turn on the radio, I hear about the 2,300 people who have sadly lost their lives due to the coronavirus pandemic on the island of Ireland. This is a terrible tragedy for their families, and communities will acutely feel the loss of cherished members of society.

In marked contrast, 7,041 unborn children lost their lives due to Ireland’s new abortion regime in just one year and the figures barely merited a mention in the mainstream media.

As far as our betters are concerned, abortion is a done deal and the killing of unborn children is just one of those things. Those of us who disagree must stand up and speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves.

Yours etc.,

Mattie O’Donnell,

Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

Walls built around women with crisis pregnancies

Dear Editor, The report [6,666 abortions in Ireland last year] was welcomed by both Amnesty International and the Irish Family Planning Association as an indication that Ireland was moving in the right direction in the provision of reproductive services.

However, they both cautioned that there was more to do to ensure that abortion was as accessible as possible throughout every county in the country.
As followers of Christ, many of us believe that every human being was created in the image and likeness of God with a unique dignity. Everyone must surely admit to the truth of the following statement: “None of us is responsible for our own existence.”

Ponder that for a moment. I had no hand, act or part in my coming into being. Logically the same must hold true for my parents and so on and on back along the generations. Every new existence from conception is a new universe. He or she is going to last forever. The frightening reality in cases of abortion is that the new lives are not being terminated, but rather are being dispatched prematurely to eternal life, where they will live forever.

Undoubtedly nobody embarks lightly on the path to having an abortion without suffering enormous stress and doubts. For whatever reason there is a sound wall put in place in this country when it comes to women who have suffered emotionally after having abortions.

As a society we can do so much more to support women in crisis pregnancies. Unfortunately, what this legislation has also achieved is to succeed in closing that door just another bit tighter.

Yours etc.,

Don Cahalane,


Co. Cork.


New inspiration for Catholic married couples

Dear Editor, Louis and Zeilie Martin were the first married couple to be canonised together in the history of the Catholic Church. And although they lived 150 years ago, they are in some ways a rather romantic couple. Louis was a watchmaker and Zeilie Geurin became a successful lacemaker, as well as being a homemaker for their children.

The family lived a comfortable lifestyle, but they also suffered the loss of four children at an early age and had to deal with a rebellious daughter. Their devotion never wavered, however. The couple lived modestly, reached out to the poor and the needy, and led daily prayer in the household.

In 1877, at age 45, Zeile Martin died of breast cancer after only 19 years of marriage, leaving Louis a widower and having to look after his children by himself.

They are saints because through their married life, they grew together in holiness. While living a normal and happy life, Louis and Zeile showed their children the path to holiness and gave them space to become what God was calling them to be.

The miracle that allowed for their canonisation was the curing of a little girl called Carmen, born prematurely and with multiple life-threatening complications.

Carmen suffered a major brain haemorrhage, which could have caused irreversible brain damage.

Her parents prayed for the Martins’ intercession and the result was that Carmen recovered completely. Pope Francis canonised the Martins in 2015. Their feast day is July 12.

Yours etc.,

Malachy Doyle,

Toome, Co. Antrim.


Protecting integrity of Catholic schools

Dear Editor, On your front page [IC 08/07/2020], the danger facing Catholic schools from this new Government was unequivocally revealed.

The Programme for Government’s section on education is concerning to say the least. There has long been a push to create a one-size-fits all model of sexual education and religious education and how better to implement this than by a Citizens’ Assembly, which has proven in the past to be a pseudo democratic process with an obvious agenda – if we have learned anything from the one that led to the abortion referendum in 2018.

Catholic schools, which have proven themselves to be some of the finest in out country, are constantly unfairly demonised. Parents who want to preserve the integrity of Catholic schools must make their voices heard and show their willingness to protect what many have taken for granted, as there could be an uphill battle forthcoming.

Yours etc.,

Mark O’Donoghue,


Co. Dublin