Bring back St Michael prayer – exorcist

Bring back St Michael prayer – exorcist Photo: Sarah Hall website

One of Ireland’s top exorcists has called for the Church to reintroduce the prayer to St Michael at the end of Masses.

Between 1886 and 1967, Masses around the world concluded with a prayer calling on St Michael the archangel to protect Catholics from the devil and evil spirits, but following the Second Vatican Council the practice was stopped.

Fr Pat Collins, however, believes this may have been a mistake.

“In recent decades it sometimes seems as if all the powers of hell are attacking the Church both from within and from without,” he writes in The Irish Catholic this week. Arguing that St John Paul II’s 1979 request that Ireland resist the temptations of the devil could be honoured by saying the prayer to St Michael after Masses, he urges Irish bishops to restore the practice.

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