Bishops warn against legalisation of marijuana

Catholic officials have condemned a Mexican Supreme Court ruling on recreational marijuana use, following a 4-1 vote backing an injunction that allowed four individuals to grow and consume marijuana for recreational purposes. 
“For the Church, this is a serious decision and an incredibly irresponsible decision that follows certain 
fads, a certain mentality of individual freedom superior to social well-being,” said Fr Hugo Valdemar 
Romero, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Mexico City.
Father Valdemar, who expressed frustration with the courts deciding contentious social issues, said he did not think legalisation was “appropriate” for a country plagued with insecurity and poverty.
“We live in a culture of permission and we can’t stop it,” lamented Monterrey’s Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera Lopez of Monterrey, adding, “We are in a society that wants permission for everything.”