Bishop Leahy praises abuse victims

Limerick bishop speaks out at second annual ‘Right of Place Second Chance’ Mass

Bishop Brendan Leahy of Limerick has thanked the victims of Church abuse for hanging onto their faith.

Speaking at the second annual ‘Right of Place Second Chance’ Mass in St Saviour’s Church in Limerick at the weekend, Bishop Leahy praised abuse survivors for coming together as part of the Church’s “ongoing process of reconciliation”.

“It is moving that so many are here, still caring enough to want to be here, despite the abuse you have suffered in the past,” he said.  

The bishop suggested that the victims of abuse among the congregation could take some consolation from the efforts being made to ensure that “the horror of institutional and clerical abuse will never be allowed to happen again”.

“Across the world, across our country, these lessons are being learned. Measures to protect the most precious are being implemented. We have come a long way in that regard and will not relent in our efforts to ensure that this diocese does its best, especially for the youngest members among us,” he vowed.