Bishop Donal McKeown to lead Derry diocese

Down & Connor auxiliary named for historic diocese

Bishop Donal McKeown has been announced the new Bishop of Derry.

Currently an auxiliary bishop with the Diocese of Down & Connor, Bishop McKeown was named for Derry at 11am on February 25.

Born in 1950, Donal McKeown was ordained to the priesthood on July 3, 1977. He became Auxiliary Bishop of Down & Connor 21 February 21, 2001 and ordained as a bishop on April 29, 2001.

He is a member of the Episcopal Commission for Worship, Pastoral Renewal and Faith development, a member of the Council for Clergy, chairman of the Council for Vocations, Member of the Council for Pastoral Renewal and Adult Faith Development, and a member of the Council for Education.

Responding to news of the appointment, Bishop Noel Treanor of Down & Connor offered his wholehearted congratulations to Bishop McKeown.

“He is a man of boundless energy and vibrant Christian hope,” Bishop Treanor said. “He has worked with courage and dedication to develop community relations and to further ecumenical understanding and dialogue. He has worked steadfastly to build solid foundations for peace with justice and to promote reconciliation and respect as the foundation stones of community, civic and public life.

His rich pastoral experience as priest and bishop go with him. As a teacher-priest, school principal, rector of the diocesan seminary and educationalist, Bishop Donal has given outstanding service to young people. As priest and bishop he has worked tirelessly to promote their personal development and to deepen their knowledge of Jesus Christ.

"Together with the faithful, priests, religious and laity, of the Diocese of Down & Connor, I pray God’s blessing on Most Reverend Donal McKeown in his new ministry as Bishop of the historic Diocese of Derry. I congratulate him wholeheartedly on his appointment.”