Aontú hit back at Sinn Féin’s NI abortion push

Aontú hit back at Sinn Féin’s NI abortion push Mary Lou McDonald Photo:

The Aontú representative for East Derry has criticised “the absence of humanity or compassion” in Sinn Féin’s push to increase the number of abortions in Northern Ireland.

Gemma Brolly said Sinn Féin are seeking to “bin the Human Right to life of the weakest among us” by pushing to increase abortion services.

Sinn Féin have called on the Northern Ireland Assembly to commission abortion services, following the controversial move by Westminster in 2019 to introduce abortion up to 24 weeks in the North.

“Women in the North are legally entitled to modern and compassionate health care and it is totally unacceptable that two years on the health minister has not commissioned services,” Mary Lou McDonald said in a statement.

Ms Brolly responded to Ms McDonald’s comments, saying Aontú believe “we are all responsible for each other, including the smallest and weakest among us”.

“Shockingly there were well over 700 abortions in the North in the last year, yet it seems this is not enough for Sinn Féin,” Ms Brolly said. “Sinn Féin are now pushing for the law to be changed again so the numbers of Irish lives ended will increase.

“There is absence of humanity or compassion in the position of ‘New Sinn Féin’.”