A ‘positive change’ for the parish of Finglas West

A ‘positive change’ for the parish of Finglas West The Church of the Annunciation Photo: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

The new church in the parish of Finglas West will be a positive change, said Fr Eamon Cahill, parish priest.

Planning permission was granted on by Dublin City Council for the demolition of the Church of the Annunciation and the building of a new, smaller replacement seating 300 instead of 3,500.

“It was so uncomfortable for everyone and so we’re replacing it with a smaller church which will be clearly warmer and more welcoming.”

The closure was announced in 2017 due to structural issues. It was first built in the 1960s had begun falling into disrepair. The parish has been operating through the support of their neighbouring parishes since October 2019.

“We can’t wait to get back into our new church, but we’re managing it extremely well.”


Just under six acres of the land was acquired by Dublin City Council with the residual land to be used for senior citizens’ housing. The council is in negotiations with the Health Service Executive about the possibility of it being used for a primary care centre.

“Our intention would be, and we’ve been in discussion with Dublin City Council, that it’s specifically housing for the elderly, it won’t be our call at the end of the day but that’s our wish.”