A decorative accessory for the autumn

Autumn arrives in a flurry of crisp, colourful leaves, prickly horse chestnuts and rosy apples just waiting to be picked from the trees. Dress up bags and clothes with these felt apple wedges, just the accessory for autumn. 

For the apple wedges you will need: one sheet of bright green felt, one sheet of red felt, one sheet of white felt, scraps of felt in dark green and brown, scissors, pins, needle, thread and card

Fold your piece of card in half. From the folded end, draw the shape of half an apple. Cut this out taking care not to cut the fold. Unfold the card and you will have your apple template. 

For the core, repeat using the same method except make the template slightly smaller. Cut this out and pin to the white felt. Cut around the template and remove the pins. Using the dark brown or black thread, embroider four pips onto the core. Begin by stitching the outline of a tear drop and then fill in the shape using satin stitch.


Pin the apple template to a piece of felt in red or green and cut around the template. Remove the pins and repeat once more so you have two apple shapes in the same colour. Pin the white felt onto one of the apple shapes then sew together using running stitch. 

On the remaining card, draw a leaf shape and a stalk shape. Pin the leaf template to the dark green felt and the stalk template to the brown felt. Cut out and remove the templates. Repeat so that the leaf and stalk are double-sided. 

Pin the piece of felt with the core to the extra apple shape. Place the leaf and the stalk in between the two pieces at the top and sew together using running stitch.

Transform an old book bag into something new by sewing the apples onto it. Brighten up an old jumper or cardigan by sewing an apple onto each pocket. Before sewing the two sides together completely, cut a piece of ribbon and fold into a loop. Place this in between at the top with the stalk and leaf. Grab a few branches, pop inside a vase and hang the apples from the twigs. Have fun with different colours and patterns such as gingham, polka dots and stripes for a variety of apples.