A craft activity for the Easter break

A craft activity for the Easter break

The Easter holidays are nearly over, but there is still plenty of time to have fun and indulge in some Easter crafts before you go back to school – all while appreciating the true meaning of Easter.

Rabbits, chicks and lambs are popular animals associated with Easter because they represent new life – particularly lambs as they represent the Lamb of God.

Jesus was named the Lamb of God because of the self sacrifice he made for our sins. And it was John the Baptist who first gave Jesus the name referring to him as “..Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world…”

He called him so because when John baptised Jesus he saw the Holy Spirit come down from Heaven in the form of a dove. The dove landed on Jesus and the voice of God spoke, saying, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” From here on, John encouraged people to follow Christ.

These Easter lamb pom poms should keep you busy reflecting on the meaning of Easter over the next few days before school begins. You can leave them up for a few weeks after Easter has ended. The Lamb of God is usually portrayed as all white, but I’ve used black card here so you can see the features more easily.

You will need: Tissue paper, white card, scissors, pencil and a hair grip.

Practise making the accordion folds on a blank sheet of paper before you use the tissue paper. You will be turning the sheet each time you make a fold, and that’s how you make accordion folds.

When you’re ready to make the real deal, take a thick wad of tissue paper and make accordion folds.

Fold the fan in half and place a hair grip in the centre. Cut a ‘C’ from each end of the fan, and then start fluffing out the folds.

When you are finished you should have a fluffy pom pom.

Next draw the sheep’s head onto some white card. Cut it out, dab some glue to the back of it and place onto the pom pom. Leave to dry. If you like, you can make a few other Easter animals such as chicks. Use yellow tissue paper for the pom poms and yellow card for the face, and orange card for the beak.