Young people urged to proclaim truth and beauty of the Faith

Young people urged to proclaim truth and beauty of the Faith The procession entering All Hallows Chapel on Sunday morning for Mass celebrated by the Papal Nuncio. Photo: John McElroy

‘Seek beauty, find Truth’ – the inspirational words from St John Paul II was the theme for this year’s Legion of Mary young adult conference held in Dublin.

Those present heard that the Pontiff’s key to evangelisation was to encourage Catholics that “leaning on God, they continue to reach out, always and everywhere, for all that is beautiful, good, and true”.

Over the course of the weekend participants had the opportunity to hear a variety of talks with topics ranging from ‘the beauty of the Church in a nutshell’ to ‘faith in a post-truth society‘ and ‘the true presence of the Eucharist’.

A host of workshops facilitated discussions on topics such as femininity, masculinity, the power of the rosary and green martyrdom. There was an opportunity to sit back and absorb a presentation based on a selection of the magnificent artwork of Fra Angelico. The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal led the young adults through a holy hour, during which the Sacrament of Reconciliation was available.


Of course, the weekend could not go by without providing for social activities. A mid-afternoon football match allowed participants displayed their skills, even while donning robes and the Saturday night social had those present chatting and bopping into the night.

The highlight of the weekend was Mass on Sunday concelebrated by the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo. Dr Okolo celebrated 50 years membership in the Legion of Mary that very day and his exuberances filled the hearts of all. Coupled with a celestial choir those present felt they truly experience a brief taste of heaven itself. Archbishop Okolo reflected on the idea that humility leads to purity, which leads us closer to God.

Over the weekend young participants were reminded of the many beauties within the Church. In reclaiming the Church, young people were encouraged to get involved, join the Legion of Mary or a local prayer group. They were urged to proclaim the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith, which will lead souls to the knowledge and love of Christ.