World champion boxer turns to God

Staff Reporter

World champion Manny Pacquiao has turned to God in preparation for his highly anticipated fight to settle the debate about who is the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer.

The Filipino fighter takes on Floyd Mayweather in what has been dubbed ‘the fight of the century’ in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Speaking ahead of the bout, Pacquiao said he wanted “to please the Lord, my family and my fans with this fight”.

“I want them to know I fought for God and my country, to bring them honour and glory.”

The world champion, who in 2010 was elected to the Philippine House of Representatives, said he has been training for this fight “with a little more focus”.

“Spiritually, I pray for myself and also for my opponent.”

The boxer wants to use the platform that his passion provides to be a champion of his faith, regardless of the outcome of his fights.

“I think every Christian athlete should be open about their relationship with the Lord, as well as every believer. That is what the Bible commands.

“When I am vocal to others about my faith and my hope of eternal life, it helps those fans of mine and those who watch me to know they can also have a hope,”
he said.