Where is the moral courage on abortion?

Dear Editor, Regarding your article, ‘Archbishop still seeking clarification from nuns on abortion stance’ (IC 28/11/13), what has become of our Church in the face of the abortion onslaught when a prelate needs to engage in “ongoing” talks with a congregation of sisters towards clarifying their position on terminating the unborn? The facts as reported simply beggar belief.

Where on Earth is the courageous witness communicated by our Church based, increasingly, it seems, on past heroes? How can the Sisters of Mercy not see with the blinding clarity of their teaching that in the face of a requirement to go against everything they stand for in their provision of care, they should simply refuse? Such an action would not alone offer that courageous witness so apparently absent, but would provide pro-abortion legislators with a serious – and very public – challenge. Anything less is moral cowardice.

Pro-abortion advocates must be laughing up their sleeves.

Yours etc.,

Mary O’Keefe,


Dublin 9.