We should use modern technology for Truth

Dear Editor, In a world and at a time when cyber-theft and warnings of same have us all of a dither, perhaps it’s time that we reclaimed the internet. It is, after all, a gift of the Holy Spirit and it’s time we use it and all technological advances for the good and praise of God.

As with all gifts, we, as a species, have managed to fling back into the face of God the goodness that he has bestowed. In the case of the internet, this, the most comprehensive of educational devices, has been taken over by pornographic and capitalist purveyors of the anti-truth. Perhaps some government will have the courage to simply ‘ban’ certain sites hosted by companies in their countries which have no purpose other than to crush man’s spirituality. It is this spirituality that will help us to find the essence of Truth.

In the case of technology, isn’t it time that more churches in Ireland – especially the cavernous ones – were equipped with cameras and large screens dotted along the aisles, allowing those of us with deteriorating sight and increasing longing for Truth to actually see what’s going on at the altar? I have seen them in Fatima, is it too much to see them in Ireland?

So, too, should churches more often conduct a sound check to ensure that their PA systems deliver the Word and not some echoing monotone.

Yours etc.,

Declan Rankin,


Dublin 9.