The deaths of infants in Tuam

Dear Editor, It is upsetting to hear about the mass graves for babies of single mothers who were cared for by the Galway Bon Secours Sisters. Yet a fuller understanding is required before an accurate assessment can be made of this practice. If the babies died mostly of malnutrition and if the sisters’ resources were so limited, then perhaps it was better to spend scant funds on the living rather than on the dead.

I wish that the media and society at large would give equal attention to the unplanned/unwanted babies who are been killed by abortion since the 1960s. Here the numbers are vastly larger – some 170,000. These babies haven’t been given names, baptism or a grave of any description. Instead their very existence has been airbrushed out of history and they have been discarded as medical waste.

There is a large florescent pink elephant in the room that we are all conveniently ignoring with tragic consequences.

Yours etc.,

Morty O’Shea,


Co Kerry.